Baseball fan

Frank had been a major league baseball fan all of his life. Every opportunity to latch onto a few tickets found Frank in his favorite seat – first seat, second row, right behind first base.

In the three years he had been seeing ¬†Susan he had never been able to interest her in going to one of the games. She didn’t like the traffice, she didn’t like the crowds, and she was content with hearing about the excitement of the game from Frank when he got home.

Determined to share a game with Susan, Frank secured a pair of tickets, handed them to her with a bow, and said, “Tommorrow afternoon, please be my guest at the game.” ¬†With a cute little “you won this time, buster” smile, she finally gave in.

Susan was very taken by all the activity … the vendors, crowd reaction, airplanes flying overhead trailing colorful banners, and, of cousre, the athletes on the field.

As the seventh inning drawing to a close, Susan glanced up to see what bright banner was flying overhead and was amazed to see “Susan, will you marry me? I love you. Frank” flying through the sky.

Susan did a double take, turned to Frank with wide eyes, and saw him beside her on his knee, left hand extended and right hand poised to put a beautiful diamond engagement ring on her finger.

The inning had come to an end, and behind Frank, Susan was amazed to see the players on the field lined up on the first base line waving their hats as she told him, “Yes, I’d love to be your wife.” The organist burst into “Here comes the Bride” and Frank’s baseball buddies who had all been seated nearby rushed up to congratulate both of them with beer and hot dogs toasts!

A new fan was born!

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