(Lady) Ga Ga is Ga Ga about Diamonds.

Lady GaGa is perhaps one of the most famous celebrities of our day. She has conquered the pop and dance worlds, now she’s moving into jazz and traditional ballads. She’s also engaged. That’s right, the lady known for outlandish outfits–including a meat suit, is getting hitched. Her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney, popped the question on Valentine’s Day. The eye-popping engagement ring is purported to be worth a cool half a million dollars! The gorgeous ring is shaped like a heart and features an amazing assortment of diamonds.

St Louis Engagements

There’s always a lot of pressure for guys to propose on special days–Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day. Love can happen at any time of the year and you don’t have to do everything by the calendar. If you’re still thinking about getting engaged, Your Diamond Source, your St. Louis discount jeweler, is here. We still have our every day low prices and great, personalized, by-appointment service, too. We’re so confident that we can beat any price, including Blue Nile and internet deals, that we’ll put our money where our mouth is.  Learn how Your Diamond Source can beat anyone. Conditions apply.

St Louis Valentine’s Day

There’s still time to plan a romantic, memorable Valentine’s Day in St Louis:  http://explorestlouis.com/2013/02/01/12-ways-to-celebrate-valentines-day-in-st-louis/  If you’re thinking about proposing on Valentine’s Day or buying your sweetheart a beautiful piece of jewelry, there’s still time. Call Your Diamond Source today, or use our convenient form to book your personal, private appointment and fitting. Don’t fight the crowds at the malls. We meet with you by appointment only. Forget looking for a parking space and being rushed or pressured into making a purchase.

We Beat Blue Nile!

Your Diamond Source will NOT be undersold, even by Blue Nile.com or other internet jewelers. That’s right, we can meet or beat their prices, plus if you’re in the St Louis metro or willing to travel, we can even meet with you in person and by appointment. There are conditions to this guarantee and you can read those right here: http://yourdiamondsource.net/our-promise/lowest-price-guarantee/  Why buy on-line without being able to see it first, or pay more for the same diamond engagement ring, anniversary ring, wedding band, diamond bracelet or other beautiful women’s jewelry?

Valentine’s Day: 3 Weeks To Go.

Men like to wait. Some call it procrastination, but we call it guys being guys. Well, if you’re thinking about proposing this Valentine’s Day, we’d like to help you make that happen. Your Diamond Source, your best source of superior diamonds and engagement rings, is ready to spring into action. We sell classic designs and custom-made options that help you get a perfect ring that she’ll never forget. We sell directly to the customer, set private no-pressure appointments and work to educate you about the 4 C’s. If you’re in Missouri or Illinois, we’re close by and worth the drive. Avoid the hassles of the mall, don’t pay retail and get a ring in time to pop the question this Valentine’s Day.

St Louis Engagement Rings

Will you be one of the six million men that propose to their girlfriends on Valentine’s Day? A recent study found that the day of love is only topped by Christmas when it comes to the number of marriage proposals.

If you’re thinking about popping the question and you want to get her the perfect ring, but not pay more than you have to, may we suggest you give us a call at (314) 835-9899 or schedule your appointment today? There’s still time, but don’t let her get away.

Your Diamond Source is your direct St. Louis diamond and engagement ring broker. That means you pay less, get more and don’t have to go through the hassle of dealing with the malls or high-pressure St Louis jewelers and sales people that work on commission. We are so confident that we have the best price for engagement rings that we offer a 110% Lowest Price Guarantee (conditions apply). That’s right, we put our money where our mouth is. We also offer a comfortable, safe, no pressure sales environment to take your time in selecting the perfect ring for the love of your life.

Your Diamond Source is ready to make you look like a star and score big with the love of your life. There’s still time, so don’t hesitate or waste your time at St Louis jewelry stores or even online.

St. Louis Consignment Diamond Jewelry

Are you looking to get rid of old jewelry? Your Diamond Source  a St. Louis Diamond broker has the perfect service for you. We are now excited to invite you to our St. Louis Diamond Jewelry Consignment program. Simply fill out the form to the right and we will set up a private showing or your jewelry and sell them for you.

St. Louis Diamond Rings – How To Get The Best Value

Carat Total Weight (ctw)

Many jewelry stores have a large selection of CTW rings and very few actual loose diamonds to choose from. Many completed rings say; “carat total weight” of diamonds in a ring and do not list the center stone separately. It is impossible for you to compare prices with another ring if you don’t know the weight and quality of the main diamond. This is crucial because one large diamond is worth much more than 4 small ones that total the same weight which look like 1 large diamond when put together. Some people call this an illusion setting and it sure is. For instance, if you have one G/VS2 diamond weighing 1.00 carat, it might be worth about $5,500. But 10 smaller G/VS2 diamonds totaling 1.00 carats might only be worth about $1,800. Big difference! And normally, smaller diamonds at such stores are much lower quality than this example, so the actual ring would be worth still less.

Diamond Earrings, a Unique Engagement Story

For 5 long years I’ve adored the woman that became my wife. One afternoon during the after work happy hour something sparked, which started the next chapter of our lives. Being both divorced, we never expected to find true love but to find someone we could put up with. That all changed one fall afternoon at the Boat House in St Louis, MO, there was a networking event during Happy Hour we had a long day at work and we decided to both go to the event.

As with most networking events, you wonder around circling back to the people you came with or the people you know. Both of us wanted to see people but wanted to talk about work. We decided to break off from the crowd and grab a little nook in the back of the patio area. Things quickly move from work ot the pressures of being divorced with kids. We vented to each other and after a while it just seemed like the stars aligned.

Things went quiet and we both looked at each other, like you just realized everything you have been missing had just come to you. Suddenly, we both moved in to kiss and let’s just say the rest is history. Fast forward 5 years, our anniversary of that great evening has approach. She requested if we every got engaged that she wanted something unique and could remember for a life time.

Since I really don’t know about diamonds or diamond rings I asked jeweler I know in St. Louis. We talked for a long time and he taught me about diamonds and the differences to look for. Diamond earrings seemed like the best idea, since she wanted something unique. After all, I learn there are things you can buy later on for anniversaries that can enhance them.

It was too cold this year for an outdoor proposal, so I decided to reserve 4 dinner reservations and pick on the evening of the proposal. We had a great meal and after we ordered desert, I looked at her and said; “You have hung in with me for so long, and I have wanted to do this for a long time. Will you be my wife?” She started to cry as she looked at her earrings and said yes. I never forget the earrings that changed my life.

I Fell in Love with Florence

I fell in love with Florence, Italy recently during a trip abroad with my boyfriend. We had just arrived in Italy for our 1yr anniversary.  We would be spending an entire month in the city of art and love; we are jumping feet first into an adventure of a life time.  How little did I know where that would lead us?

We heard about the Piazzale (Plaza) Michelangelo, one of the most beautiful spots in all of Florence or as locals called it Firenze, which overlooks the skyline of the city. We decided to walk to the top, along the 400 or so brick and stone steps there sits a secret garden about half way up. It is so warm and inviting that you just don’t want to leave. It’s far enough away from the tour buses, the other tourist, and the noise of street vendors that you can take in Florence in a tranquil environment. The walk up the stair took a toll on us, so we decided to talk a long break and enjoy the view, the birds chirping and me nestled up against him as we sat on a bench with a statue of a man reading a book.

After a while of sitting, he suggested that we move along up the hill to the Piazzale but had something he wanted to do before we went. All of a sudden he turned to me, a tear started to build and he asked; “Will you be my soul mate for life?” as the tear ran down his face. That was the moment that I fell in love with Florence, in a beautiful secret garden with the man I love and now my fiancé.