Only in the Movies

John and Mary spent most Saturday evenings watching old movies together at the apartment, but tonight John made sure things would be a bit different. With the help of a friend, John copied Mary’s  favorite classic love story, filmed himself proposing to her, and then inserted it into the video at the appropriate spot.

As they sat curled up on the couch with popcorn and tissues, the classic tale of love and romance had Mary in tears by mid-story. Love found, then love lost, and then finally the wonderful moment when the woman’s true love gets down on one knee to swear his everlasting love and ask her to marry him … and suddenly there on the screen was John on bended knee, holding out a beautiful diamond engagement ring  and asking Mary to be his wife.

Mary turned to John as if wondering how he could be in two places at one time and there he was beside her on bended knee, beautiful diamond engagement ring in hand poised to put it on her finger as he asked her to be his wife. With tears streaming down her face, she replied with an emphatic “Yes!”

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