Diamond Earrings, a Unique Engagement Story

For 5 long years I’ve adored the woman that became my wife. One afternoon during the after work happy hour something sparked, which started the next chapter of our lives. Being both divorced, we never expected to find true love but to find someone we could put up with. That all changed one fall afternoon at the Boat House in St Louis, MO, there was a networking event during Happy Hour we had a long day at work and we decided to both go to the event.

As with most networking events, you wonder around circling back to the people you came with or the people you know. Both of us wanted to see people but wanted to talk about work. We decided to break off from the crowd and grab a little nook in the back of the patio area. Things quickly move from work ot the pressures of being divorced with kids. We vented to each other and after a while it just seemed like the stars aligned.

Things went quiet and we both looked at each other, like you just realized everything you have been missing had just come to you. Suddenly, we both moved in to kiss and let’s just say the rest is history. Fast forward 5 years, our anniversary of that great evening has approach. She requested if we every got engaged that she wanted something unique and could remember for a life time.

Since I really don’t know about diamonds or diamond rings I asked jeweler I know in St. Louis. We talked for a long time and he taught me about diamonds and the differences to look for. Diamond earrings seemed like the best idea, since she wanted something unique. After all, I learn there are things you can buy later on for anniversaries that can enhance them.

It was too cold this year for an outdoor proposal, so I decided to reserve 4 dinner reservations and pick on the evening of the proposal. We had a great meal and after we ordered desert, I looked at her and said; “You have hung in with me for so long, and I have wanted to do this for a long time. Will you be my wife?” She started to cry as she looked at her earrings and said yes. I never forget the earrings that changed my life.

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