St. Louis Diamond Rings – How To Get The Best Value

Carat Total Weight (ctw)

Many jewelry stores have a large selection of CTW rings and very few actual loose diamonds to choose from. Many completed rings say; “carat total weight” of diamonds in a ring and do not list the center stone separately. It is impossible for you to compare prices with another ring if you don’t know the weight and quality of the main diamond. This is crucial because one large diamond is worth much more than 4 small ones that total the same weight which look like 1 large diamond when put together. Some people call this an illusion setting and it sure is. For instance, if you have one G/VS2 diamond weighing 1.00 carat, it might be worth about $5,500. But 10 smaller G/VS2 diamonds totaling 1.00 carats might only be worth about $1,800. Big difference! And normally, smaller diamonds at such stores are much lower quality than this example, so the actual ring would be worth still less.

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