Common Diamond Purchasing Mistakes

Top 10 Things To Avoid When Purchasing A Diamond:

It is better to know the diamond before you buy. Contact a Certified Gemologist for professional purchasing assistance. 

  1. Buying on price or discount
  2. Purchasing a diamond online
  3. Assuming a diamond can be purchased without professional guidance
  4. Making a decision without having the right selection to choose from
  5. Purchasing without a guarantee or certification
  6. Shopping on laboratory reports alone
  7. An appraisal is not a grading report
  8. Not getting to know your diamond (see below)
  9. Purchasing without comparing diamonds together
  10. Shopping without being educated about the 4C’s

Buying an engagement ring with a pre-set diamond blindly  is not the best way to purchase the ring she will cherish forever. Below is a list on why it is important  to purchase your diamond in person.

  • Compare diamond size, color, clarity, and cut side by side.
  • Look at the diamonds under magnification
  • See the diamond in a laboratory environment.
  • In person purchases significantly lower the chance of being defrauded.
  • Most on-line dealers are just that, dealers. They match up buyers and sellers and never see the actual diamonds until after they are sold.
  • When you look at a list of diamonds, there is no way for you to see the subtle differences in color and it’s effect on the look of the diamond.
  • There is no way to compare the total sparkle and light return between two SI1 graded diamonds unless they are sitting side by side in front of you.
We can often offer the same or lower price compared to internet dealers.