Why by appointment only?

St Louis Diamond Buying By Appointment

Diamond shopping by appointment provides you with a comfortable, pressure-free environment where you and a jewelry professional can work one-on-one without rush, as they take the time to impart their diamond knowledge to you.

The appointment will be focused on you and your needs only. You can inspect each piece as much as you want, as well as go through our custom setting designs (or design one of your own); until you feel you’ve chosen the perfect gem.

Through business experience and hearing customer feedback, we know this system to work extremely well. Once you experience the comfort, privacy, and personal attention of shopping by appointment, you’ll wish you could shop everywhere this way.

To schedule an appointment, fill out our contact web-form, or contact us by calling 314-536-3600. We are fully confident that you will appreciate the personal touch consultation method and that it will only add to the overall enjoyment of shopping for the perfect diamond or jewelry piece.