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Valentines Proposal – A Diamond Painting

John was eagerly waiting for Valentine ’s Day to approach as he set up a perfect proposal. John was friends with an art gallery curator in town and he ask him to help with this proposal idea. John asked his lovely soon to be fiancée (Tammy) to go on a private art tour because the […]

Common Diamond Purchasing Mistakes

Top 10 Things To Avoid When Purchasing A Diamond It is better to know the diamond before you buy. Contact a certified Gemologist for professional purchasing assistance.  Buying on price or a discount Purchasing a diamond online Assuming a diamond can be purchased without professional guidance Making a decision without having the right selection to […]

A platinum engagement & wedding ring is more affordable than ever

Platinum has always been cherished for its purity, versatility, and naturally white metallurgical properties. A good jeweler knows that no other metal has the ability to reflect the radiance of a near colorless diamond like platinum. Platinum won’t wear away, doesn’t fade or tarnish, and will retain its naturally white color forever. In addition, it […]