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Diamond Earrings, a Unique Engagement Story

For 5 long years I’ve adored the woman that became my wife. One afternoon during the after work happy hour something sparked, which started the next chapter of our lives. Being both divorced, we never expected to find true love but to find someone we could put up with. That all changed one fall afternoon […]

I Fell in Love with Florence

I fell in love with Florence, Italy recently during a trip abroad with my boyfriend. We had just arrived in Italy for our 1yr anniversary.  We would be spending an entire month in the city of art and love; we are jumping feet first into an adventure of a life time.  How little did I […]

Proposal Idea: Falling For The Chef

Mitch and I met in our final year at culinary school. We struck up a conversation one day after class and which ended with him asking me to dinner.  I reluctantly agreed and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Our relationship just ” felt right” from the moment it started and we knew […]