Valentines Day Bliss

st louis romantic valentines day ideasWith Valentine’s Day approaching, we have been getting asked about some romantic ideas to surprise their loved ones, so we thought we would post a few.

If you are planning a special valentine’s day for your special loved one, here are some suggestions of things to do.

  1. Surprise weekend road trip to a destination unknown…until you arrive
  2. A romantic carriage ride snuggled under a blanket with hot cocoa
  3. Illuminate your home with candles
  4. Create a homemade dinner of her favorite meal…and a diamond necklace for dessert
  5. Learn something new together…maybe a couples cooking class
  6. Ice skating like you are kids again
  7. Frame your partner’s favorite picture of you together
  8. Hide post-its of love notes around the house
  9. Call your partner in the middle of the day to say “I love you”
  10. Arrange for a baby sitter for a couples day or just a night out
  11. Draw a bubble bath with your better half’s favorite music playing

Tell us your romantic jesters, it could spark a new idea for a couple near you.

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