Valentines Proposal – A Diamond Painting

John was eagerly waiting for Valentine ’s Day to approach as he set up a perfect proposal. John was friends with an art gallery curator in town and he ask him to help with this proposal idea.

John asked his lovely soon to be fiancée (Tammy) to go on a private art tour because the gallery was setting up a new exhibit and John was to do the Public Relations for the exhibit. John and Tammy arrived at the art gallery and the curator promptly started them on the private tour, as they approached an artist that John enjoyed the curator asked John to tell Tammy a little more about the painting while he went to check on something.

John turned to Tammy and started to tell her about this fabulous work or art and describe the diamond ring in the painting. A short time after the story started, John pulled the art off of the wall and Tammy immediately started yelling at him. John calmed her down and told her not to worry and aks “Will You Be My Wife?”. Tammy glowing from the question screams “YES!” just at that time the art gallery employees walk around the corner with champagne for the couple along with a camera to capture the moment.

The artwork now hangs in their home as a reminder of that special moment and the many Valentines days ahead.

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